"There has been a fuel-related emergency aboard the R.V. Minerva. The crew is in cryosleep, bound for a distant asteroid. As the ship's 'caretaker bot', you are responsible for the allocation of the now-precious energy reserves. Solve puzzles by powering different objects around the ship and entering simulations created from the three crewmembers' memories. It is your task to ensure that all available power is concentrated in the crew life support systems, in the hope that they will be kept alive until rescue. But what if all the power on the ship simply isn't enough?"

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Talk to us at GDC!

We will be attending 2018 Game Developers Conference! Members of our team will be representing and demonstrating our game. We will be answering questions, taking criticism, and showing everyone what Columbia College students have to offer!

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We are students at Columbia College Chicago working on a capstone project. The students are uniquely talented, skilled and specialize in all aspects of game development. From art, programming and design the students are working together to develop a game for the whole school year. We are proud of our work and we want to showcase the game to everyone and anyone

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